The Power of (Consistent) Action


In a world full of amazing information on how to enhance our lives, take better care of ourselves and be more self-aware, it has become easy to get caught up in over-analysing everything, picking things apart and forgetting the necessity of one huge component that’s going to bring everything together; action. Consistent action.

No matter how much we read the best books, visualise our desires and call upon the universe for help, we won’t get too far until we begin to take action. Consistently.

That’s not to say these things aren’t helpful. They certainly are – there’s so much wonderful information available to us through many mediums – books, videos, podcasts, events – that will in fact help lead us in the direction of the lives we want. But not without us actually doing the things that we’re being taught to do. Sounds simple right? But so many of us lack the patience to persevere long enough for things to start to change.

Now, I’m sure we’ve all heard about the importance of perseverance, but there’s a reason most of us don’t stick to things;

We don’t truly believe, in fact we don’t truly know, the power of consistent, compounded effort.

If we did – just like we know without question that gravity is going to pull us to the ground when we step out of bed – we’d keep going.

Here’s the thing: time is going to pass anyway.

So we can either fill that time up with consistent little actions that over time, are sure to lead us into the lives we desire. Or we can fill it will all of the little, seemingly insignificant actions we’ve been doing that have lead us to where we are right now.

It’s about designing a lifestyle on purpose.

Whatever we do on a daily basis determines where we ultimately end up. Many of us just don’t realise this. We spend our precious time waiting for this big breakthrough or magical quick fix, not realising that it’s us who create these inevitable breakthroughs (or car crashes) through our daily actions, whether we’re paying attention or not.

Where you are today is a result of the little consistent actions you’ve been taking up until this point.

And at any point you decide to, you can change course, starting with one small positive action.

It may seem insignificant, it may seem like it’s not working, and you definitely won’t see results right away. But in time (and probably a lot less time than you think) you’ll see things in your life start to shift, until the life you once lived is utterly unrecogniseable.

Ask yourself right now; is the lifestyle I currently lead conducive to where I want to be? If the answer is no, what small actions can you introduce into your daily routine that will help to rewrite your story?

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