Taking yourself to the next level


If you’re anything like me, I envisage a lot more for my life. Now, I’m beyond grateful for where I currently am, but I know I’m capable of being, doing and experiencing so much more. I know what I need to do, but sometimes you just need a reminder, you know? The mind is powerful and can be quite stubborn, so constant reminders are often very necessary to trigger real change. 

Those who feel a bit stuck, are ready to take on life and get out of their own way – this is for you. So read on…

Disrupt your routine

Sometimes new realities are sparked when we make a conscious choice to break out of our current cycles and schedules. We quite often live our lives on autopilot, therefore the thought of creating our own plot twists day to day doesn’t even occur to us. It could be as simple as going to that creative event by yourself on an evening when you’d usually stay indoors and ‘wind down’ for the next work day. Or it could be booking a random weekend trip abroad when you usually save holidays for specifically planned out times that you have booked off work. If you’re looking for something else, something more, maybe it’s time to completely disrupt your flow. Open yourself up to experiencing something different. Think of it as hopping onto another frequency. 

Forget your comfort zone even exists

What even is the comfort zone? Whatever it is, it’s not going to serve you well when it comes to taking yourself to the next level. So thank it for being there and doing it’s best to keep you ‘safe’… and then keep it moving. As I’ve said about fear before, it rears its head when you start taking action that contradicts your limiting beliefs. In short, fear means you’re pushing yourself and breaking barriers, which is the aim. So forget any idea of zones, lines, boxes and barriers, because we are not made to be confined. Step into boldness. 

Forget what you can currently see

As hard (and weird, possibly?) as this may sound, it’s key. As you take steps in the direction of who you want to be, there may become a point when you start to feel like a bit of an imposter. It may be that you look around and your living situation is less than ideal, or that you think your bank account is a joke, or that you think your day job is laughable compared to what you’re working towards. But if you’re not careful, putting too much focus on what you can currently see can have you drowning in imposter syndrome and resurfacing back in the ocean of mediocrity.

So forget what you can currently see – it’s simply a physical representation of the thoughts and beliefs you previously succumbed to but are now moving away from. At any given point you can choose to change your narrative. It’s literally one hundred percent down to you. And whether you realise it or not, you determine who you choose to be and how you show up in every single moment, situation and encounter.

Level up your surroundings

What kind of environments are you allowing yourself to be a part of? What kind of conversations are you having? Who are you hanging around with?

Our surroundings are usually direct reflections of how we feel about ourselves. Sometimes we tolerate less than ideal and even toxic environments because we subconsciously don’t believe we deserve better or because we feel as though we’re not meant for more. Again, it may be subconscious, but we can often view success – or the people we see as successful – as ‘different’ from ourselves. It’s not true. And a great way to push past those kinds of limiting beliefs is to immerse ourselves in what we envisage as success. It could be going to ‘higher level’ events, reaching out to connect with people we see as successful, putting ourselves in the places we see our ‘future’ selves in. Show up; because the only differences between your future self and your current self is your mindset, the decisions you make and the actions you take. It may very well be uncomfortable at first – but remember what I said about fear? It rears its head when your actions don’t match up with your limiting beliefs. Perfect. 

What can you do today – in fact right now – that will catch your limiting beliefs off guard and open you up to newness?

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