Letting Go of Imposter Syndrome


When it comes to success in life, I think many of us are guilty (at some point or another) of analysing others and making assumptions about how they came to be so successful. Some people look like they’re easily killing it in life…and they probably are killing it. But most of the time, it doesn’t (or hasn’t always) come as easy to them as we think. We often distance ourselves from success because deep down we think we aren’t capable. And as for those who seem to be thriving? We put them on a pedestal far away from ourselves and reduce ourselves to the idea that ‘we’re not like them’. It’s kind of like what happens with famous people – they get so popular that people almost regard them as superhuman.

The truth of the matter is we are just as powerful and have just as much potential. We just fail to acknowledge it.

One of the differences between someone not getting the results they want in life and someone making major progress is the amount of action they take in spite of their fear. Let’s be real; no one is *actually* fearless out here.. we need fear to survive (more on this here), but it’s what we allow ourselves to accept as being genuine danger that matters.

We overcome fear by taking action, not succumbing to it.

Now, I know how real imposter syndrome is. Regardless of how great we actually are (which is extremely great, btw) and regardless of the amount of greatness others may see in us, sometimes we just can’t help second guessing ourselves.

But just like fear, imposter syndrome is overridden with action.

The thoughts are going to come, the self-doubt will reappear now and again and fear is going to be right there hanging onto your coattails. But the key is to move forth anyway – to keep going despite the feelings of unworthiness, of not being good enough or qualified enough and of possibly not being taken seriously.

Every. single. time. we take action we challenge those thoughts and feelings. And when we keep this up, they begin to quieten and it becomes easier for us to do the things we once couldn’t dream of seeing ourselves doing.

During this process of growth, don’t ignore your achievements.

If we are searching, we will always find someone who seems to be better than us, more qualified than us and more successful than us. And when we constantly compare ourselves to these people, we tend to *conveniently* forget about our achievements and how far we’ve actually come. Although imposter syndrome will make more than a few appearances throughout the course of our lives, it need not take over and prevent us from truly recognising our brilliance. Make a point to remember the time when someone reached out because you helped them in some way. Or the time someone re-posted your work. Or the time you finally reached that one goal that once seemed impossible. Keep these memories in a file or a keepsake box if you have to. Understand that you’re most likely doing a lot better than you may be giving yourself credit for.

In this one life on earth you have, make the decision to dive into your heart’s desires, embrace your uniqueness and create – whatever that means for you. You’re a unique being and are here for a reason; to take up space and to grace the world with what you have to offer. Courageously and unapologetically.

Time to start living.

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