Creating Space For Your Manifestations

Creating Space For Your Manifestations

I’m pretty sure all of us have goals and dreams that we’d absolutely love to accomplish. However, when it comes to the idea of manifesting, switching your focus and thinking things into existence, it can be easy to neglect the fact that action is also a massive part of the process. Let’s not fall into the trap of trying to wish things into existence without making the necessary preparations.

What is it you’re trying to accomplish? Have you actually created space for those things? Here are a few questions to ask yourself which will determine whether or not you’ve really set yourself up to receive.

Are you clear on what you want?

In order to create space for your manifestations, you need to be very clear on what you’re after because If you’re going to prepare, you need to at least know what you’re preparing for. Another reason you need absolute clarity is that this is what’s going to give you focus, drive and determination, and will help you keep up the momentum. Trust me, it’s likely that your brain cannot actually comprehend and break down the full extent of what you’re capable of achieving, so whatever you do manifest may look different from (and 100000 times better than) what your initial intention looked like. But by getting clear, you’re stirring up wonderful emotions (such as intense excitement) within you, which is what you need to remain on the frequency of whatever you desire.

Would your manifestation seamlessly fit into your life right now?

If whatever you’re trying to attract showed up in your life right this second, would you actually be prepared for it? Here’s a good example of what I mean: you’ve asked for your love life to bloom, to meet the man of your dreams and have a wholesome, loving and fulfilling relationship. However, are you currently holding onto ‘situationships’? Are you still entertaining relationships that aren’t serving you out of fear and loneliness? This all may seem harmless and your thinking process may include something along the lines of ‘I’ll let go of these things once what I’m after arrives’ but it’s important to realise that your mindset and way of being need to arrive there first before it shows up in the physical. This applies to so many different scenarios. Send out messages of confidence, self-worth and faith into the universe and watch your circumstances line up. Expect amazing things to occur.

Even if your brain isn’t quite convinced, taking action regardless will quickly bring it up to speed that this. Is. happening. Making room for what you asked for not only shows that you actually believe it is coming but means you’re more than prepared for when it comes to fruition. Stay ready.

Are you taking the necessary actions?

Regardless of what you want to say to me right now, I know it’s likely you could be doing more to push yourself in the direction of your goals. I could be doing more. And it’s when I question why I’m not doing the steps I know I need to take, it’s revealed that deep down, I don’t think it’s possible for me. It’s all about having unwavering faith in the unseen, more than what physically meets our five senses. If you knew that you were guaranteed to get everything you’ve ever dreamed of by doing something specific, there would be no time wasted in getting whatever it is done. But we doubt ourselves and spend way too much time thinking about things not going our way and let fear debilitate us. I’ve been there. Sometimes I have all of these plans for contacting people, making such grand moves and then what do I do? Nothing. Thoughts creep up on me such as ‘there’s so many people looking for the same opportunity, am I really going to succeed in this?’ or ‘I don’t even have the money for that right now, so there’s no point in even planning for it.’ Any of these thoughts sound familiar? The trick is to take the action anyway.

Picture fear as this little creature that tries to come and yank the pen out of your hand in the middle of rewriting your own future because it thinks you’re about to ruin your life. Don’t just stay schtum let it take the pen. You wouldn’t let someone take crucial tools you needed if you were, say, finishing an important project that was guaranteed to be a major success… would you? No. Let fear know that everything is absolutely fine over here thank you very much and continue pushing forward.  

Some thoughts may feel really overpowering, but ultimately you are in control of how you physically act. Do the things anyway, regardless of the self-sabotaging mind chatter and you can rewire your brain to override self-doubt.

Are you happy right now?

Are you stressing about the fact that you don’t currently have what you want? Or are you filled to the brim with gratitude and excitement that it’s going to land in your lap any minute? This is another test of true belief. It’s okay (and perfectly normal) to sometimes feel frustrated if things don’t seem to be changing or if there seems to be no sign of your intentions manifesting. It’s just crucial that you don’t stay in that space. I’ve been in that space many times, but because I know, deep down, that I am powerful beyond measure, I re-centre and remind myself that all is already well.

Remember, a sign of faith, trust and belief is letting go of the old before the new has even arrived. Do everything you can, on your part, to make your circumstances perfect for your manifestation to arrive and continue to move with gratitude and love.

You’re on the brink of your blessing.

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