Are you playing it safe?


Many of us have entered the new year with ambitious goals and a new lease of life. It’s not uncommon for this new found energy to slowly fade away as we continue to work on our goals; it gets monotonous, we can’t see results right away, and there are some things that perhaps we don’t really want to bring ourselves to do – things that would probably bring us much closer to our goals. Risky things. Scary things. Things that take us way out of our comfort zones.

Whilst I’m sure you have plenty of excitement around your actual goals, some of the things you have to do to reach them may not seem so exciting.

This is not because struggling is some kind of twisted fate for everyone who goes after success, but because quite often, we need to do things that we’ve never dreamed of doing before in order to achieve things that we’ve never achieved before.

Think about it. If you were already comfortable with doing the things you needed to do, you would already be doing them, which means you would probably be much closer than where you currently are to your goals.

For example, you may have created a new routine for yourself, which is going well. You’re being consistent in your tasks and you’re feeling good. Suddenly, a situation occurs where you have the opportunity to do something you’ve never had to do before. Something that could give you a huge push forward in the direction of your goals – it may be speaking in front of a large group of people about your project, taking a solo plane flight or asking to collaborate with someone who you feel is way more successful than you. Fear kicks in, imposter syndrome kicks in and you choose to just continue doing what you’ve already been doing because you convince yourself that something will eventually come of it.

This is called playing it safe.

One of the keys to breaking barriers is getting uncomfortable. Regularly. The quicker you start getting out of your comfort zone, the quicker you’ll find yourself in situations you once thought were impossible for you. Ask that person if they’d mentor you. Take that trip across the globe. Organise that event. Whatever it is, just do it. And when feelings of fear and self doubt come up, remember that they’re simply a result of the story you’ve been telling yourself about yourself up until this point. You just need to keep going. [Read this post to delve deeper into what fear is all about.]

Do yourself a favour and stop playing it safe.

It’s January. Our goals are fresh. Plunge yourself into them by getting uncomfortable. Start doing some radical stuff. It may just pay off.

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