I have a passion for reminding people of their divinity. In fact, I know it’s what I’m here, on this earth, to do.

Somewhere along the line, most of us have forgotten how powerful we are. I use my platform and my services to bring those memories back to life.

Writing has been my form of healing and self-expression for as long as I can remember.

I started OliviaAlexis.com back in 2016 as my personal creative outlet. It then developed into a journal-style blog, which eventually created opportunities for me to write for others.

I now work with brands and individuals who have bold, authentic and unapologetic messages for their audiences.

As someone who knows how powerful the written word can be in connecting to people, I have a passion for elevating brands with excellent copy.

I go against the grain.

Whether it’s a phone call, unedited notes you have, a chat over coffee (virtually or in person) or a mixture of everything you require, I do what it takes to capture every element of your message.

I’m a firm believer that information is best captured when an individual is providing it in the setting that feels most natural to them – my job is to to tell your story, your way, through well-written and easily digestible copy.

Want to find out how we can work together? Get in touch at olivia@oliviaalexis.com