4 Things You Should Know About Fear

4 Things You Should Know About Fear

We’ve all felt fear at some point in our lives and still continue to. The key to living in harmony with fear (crazy as it sounds) is to actually understand why it’s there and where it comes from. You can then learn to outsmart it and actually use it to your advantage.

Here are four facts about fear that will hopefully give you some insight into it, so that you can stop letting it get in the way of you being the fabulous person you were born to be.

It’s definitely coming along for the journey to your truest self

This may not necessarily be what you wanted to hear, but it’s true. It’s not going away. You can’t leave it behind. It won’t just disappear once you’ve decided that you want to embark on a journey to authenticity. Fear is part of the package. But this is great. Fear rearing its head is often a great indicator that you’re going in the right direction. I’ll explain more over the next few points.

You fear the things you do because of the beliefs you’ve developed throughout the course of your life

Everyone knows that children are sponges and take everything you say to them at face value. When I was really, really small (emphasising the ‘really’ otherwise this just becomes embarrassing), some family members (who shall not be named LOL) showed me a photo of a stuffed animal and insisted that it was a photo of me when I was a baby. Obviously, it was a joke, but I believed it and I was devastated to say the least. Now, that particular belief quickly vanished (because let’s face it, this obviously wasn’t a very sustainable claim) but the point is, despite the fact that I had previously seen actual baby photos of myself (lol), I still believed it.

Our childhood is when the majority of our deep-rooted beliefs are formed and embedded in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind (which rules things when it comes to what we actually believe, rather than what we think we believe) is basically our inner child. And some beliefs aren’t so shakeable. For example, if you were taught as a child that speaking up, being yourself, and stepping out of the ‘norm’ was ‘bad’ or ‘not safe’ then guess what you’re probably still believing deep-down right now?

Fear’s main aim is to protect you

So the moment you start to actually do the things that you previously (consciously or subconsciously) deemed dangerous, your brain basically says ‘erm..absolutely not’ and out fear emerges as the star of the show. Fear really is there to protect us; we’d be afraid of putting our hands into boiling water, for example, because, well, it is actually dangerous – fear definitely comes in handy here. But it’s up to us to actively recognise when we’re fearing something due to a subconscious limiting belief.

Fear is not a ‘bad’ thing

It’s only showing up in accordance with the criteria you’ve taught it to show up for. You don’t need to be fearless to create the life you want. You need to be brave. Reprogramme your subconscious mind by doing the very things you’re scared to do, but that you know will aid in your growth and elevation. It is then that you can start forming new sets of beliefs that won’t be a hindrance when it comes to living the life you desire.

Now, more on actually combating fear…

Have you ever been working towards something or are coming to the brink of doing something great and then you suddenly, out of nowhere, get filled with all this doubt? You start questioning yourself; whether you’re actually doing the right thing, whether it’s a waste of time, whether you’re good enough, whether you’re just kidding yourself by thinking anything is going to come of it. This can apply to so many different scenarios. You could be about to launch your new blog, apply for that job you’re technically ‘underqualified’ for, send out invites to the launch party for your new business, ask someone for advice, ask someone out for lunch, ask to borrow that money, etc. Sound familiar or relatable to you?

Well, THIS is it.

This is fear doing THE MOST to put you back in (what it believes is) your place; right back in your mediocre comfort zone where nothing grows. Next time this happens, with all of the points I’ve made above in mind, you can outsmart fear. You know it’s game now. All you need to do is push forward regardless and watch the magic unfold. At the time, I know it almost certainly won’t feel easy, but with a better understanding of what’s actually happening, instead of succumbing to fear by coming to a grinding halt, you can now step on the gas even harder and allow yourself to blossom.

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