How Allowing Yourself to be Creative is a Form of Self Care

Many of us are now realising that self care is an actual necessity; not taking care of ourselves sufficiently literally causes a domino effect in all areas of our lives. Self care takes form in many ways, but today I’d like to focus on the idea of honouring your creativity as a form of self care.

Many people put the idea of being creative on the back burner throughout their life. Being creative is not seen as a priority as it’s often clouded by beliefs such as ‘you can’t be creative and make a living’ or this idea that you have to be a ‘creative person’ to be creative (whatever that means). As I mentioned in my last post, we were born to create, to express ourselves. Creativity is a form of self-expression and when we deny ourselves that right, we deprive ourselves of a truly wholesome and authentic life. When we feel good about something, when our gut screams yes to a particular direction we’re going in, it’s a sign to tell us that we should be doing more of it.

Now, here’s 3 very specific ways honouring your creativity is a form of self-care.


We all are equipped with very unique creative desires for a reason

We’re not necessarily taught to indulge in what makes us happy and what really speaks to our souls. Quite often, we search for our purpose outside of ourselves when the innate desires we already have within us are literally screaming at us to take them for a ride.

Your desire to fulfill any particular creative outlet is the universe, your higher self guiding you to where you need to be.

Some of us have this misconception that life is meant to be hard and that we have to go through this huge struggle in order to reap certain rewards. Whilst it’s highly likely that we will encounter obstacles and tough times on the road to living authentic and wholesome lives, it by no means is designed to be hard. Hardships are created by resistance we’ve built up within ourselves against our truest selves due to warped perspectives and beliefs we may have about how we should be going about life. Finding your purpose need not be this massive search. Finding your purpose is as simple as listening to yourself, your gut, your intuition and paying attention to the things that make you come alive. Spreading knowledge, empowerment and spiritual awareness through my content fills me with an unspeakable joy and brings me into what feels like perfect alignment with my truest self. What is it that does that for you?


Creating brings us into the present moment

When we direct all of our attention and focus into creating something that lights us up, it often consumes us, bringing all of our attention to the very thing that we are doing. Even if it’s for a short while, anything else that may have been taking up brain space takes a backseat and we feel a sense of peace and release. Have you ever felt ‘lost’ in a particular activity you’re doing? This is what it feels like to be fully in the present moment. You’re not anxious, you’re not worrying; you’re here, in the now, the only time that exists and where everything is perfectly well. I’m sure you’ve heard someone, somewhere say something along the lines of ‘your thoughts create your reality.’ This is true, but it’s actually how you feel that is the massive driving force in how your reality is shaped; living in the past and worrying about the future can create feelings of anxiety and stress, which, in turn, will create more situations for you to stress over and worry about. Every single new moment blank slate. The present moment is a powerful place to be.


When we create, we fill our own spiritual cups which can then overflow to help others

When we actual indulge in something that fills us up, we edge closer to who we’re meant to be. This, in turn, creates space for others to do the same. Being around someone who is loving life and living their absolute truth is infectious and can often spark something in us that prompts us to do the same. We feel inspired. Choosing you and saying yes to your heart’s calling helps other people much more than depriving yourself of your creativity ever will. The people you love and the rest of the world deserve to witness and experience your joy.


Choosing to honour your creativity is just the first step in a journey that very often leads to the unimaginable. Take care of yourself. 

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