What Would My Higher Self Do?

I like to think that I’m quite brave and confident when it comes to making big decisions in my life. However, being the human that I am, I tend to let things interfere with my flow and stop me from doing what I really want to do or making ‘out there’ decisions. For example, I pretty much know how I would like to live and how I would like to feel whilst going through life. I want to feel confident, in love, passionate, liberated, empowered, elevated.  However, I sometimes encounter situations I perceive to be challenging (which I have attracted through my own limiting beliefs) and find myself not acting like the woman I claim to want to be.

What is that about?!

The question I now plan to continuously ask myself is ‘What would my higher self do?’ and then do that very thing. My higher self is all of the above and is, in essence, my unfiltered, uncensored, limitless self. It’s simply about how far I am willing to go to allow myself to become closer to her. And I am willing to go alllllll the way. It is literally about blocking out the noise and releasing those limiting beliefs as soon as they come into my consciousness. It can feel daunting to listen to and act on my intuition with unwavering faith, but when I feel it’s right, it has to be done.





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