Reminiscing on Aligned

For a while now, I’ve had the urge to bring people together to connect, empower one another and learn from each other. I think it’s such an exciting time to be alive right now. The world is evolving and so many people are waking up and living life unapologetically and on their own terms. I’ve had so many interesting, deep and fulfilling conversations with people over the last few months, which has really help to skyrocket my personal growth and I was drawn to facilitating an event where people could come together to experience this, too. This is how Aligned was born. I wanted to create a space for people to be open and free, to express whatever they want about what’s going on in their lives, talk about what they are working on, share ideas, make connections and grow.

If I’m honest, during the build up to Aligned, I felt quite anxious. Was there going to be enough people? Are they going to enjoy themselves? What was I going to say? I honestly freaked out a bit. I put a lot of expectation on how exactly I thought the event should pan out, so when it didn’t seem like it was going that way, a slight wave of panic came over me. I can usually reel my thoughts back in quite quickly, but the novelty of holding an event kind of got the better of me. As you may already know, I’m an advocate of feeling my way all the way through uncomfortable or painful situations, as I know I come out more empowered, and closer to where I need to be on the other side. Fast forward to the event and it all went incredibly well. There was a small group of us, but I honestly believe it was just how it was meant to turn out. Conversation starters I provided helped to guide our conversations and our discussions took really interesting turns; from talking about what our star signs and spirit animals were, to analysing whether we were all introverted and/or extroverted. It was so interesting to hear about where people were at in their lives, what they were working on, how their brains worked and what got them ticking. I think it’s safe to say that we all definitely took something from the event; whether it was an idea, or simply something someone said that got us thinking. Amazing.

The space in which Aligned was held was stunning and definitely contributed to the success of the event. It was such a clean and modern but also cozy space with masses of light coming in from the large ceiling windows (was a sunny day, so a big plus!). The space was available, courtesy of Breather, a company I will definitely be using again, should I need another space. They are so easy to use and their spaces are all so clean and sophisticated and have brilliant facilities. Not only can their spaces be used for events, but they can be used for co-working or if you simply need a quiet space to work. This is handy for me, as I’m always looking for new, cool spaces to make magic in.

Prior to Aligned, I had never held anything like it so it was wonderful to see how the event actually worked, how the dynamics of the discussions were and so on. It was like a taster session, which opened up a whole load of ideas in my mind about how I could take Aligned further and I’ve since come up with many ways to make it bigger and better. I’m incredibly drawn to holding more of these events, as I know powerful things will come out of each and every one of them. Magical things happen when people simply talk.

One thing I’ve learned from hosting this event is to relax and let things flow (which is what I usually aim to do, but this was just a massive reminder that I need to execute this, even when it feels ten times harder). I did it. And not long ago, I could have never imagined ever holding something like this alone and having the guts to put myself out there, so bravo to me. I’ve learned that when you’re intentions are pure, and you are following your inner guide, things turn out exactly how they should.

I have a burning desire keep the momentum going so I am pleased to say that I will be holding another Aligned event soon.

Keep your eyes peeled.


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