In a video I watched the other day, someone spoke about building your life around your spirituality, rather than building your spirituality around your life. Although I already know this is hugely necessary, hearing this sentence just really hit home and I was drawn to say something on it.

We often go through life wondering why things aren’t going our way and put ourselves through unnecessary pain and ailments caused by not putting our spiritual needs first.

We are spiritual beings.

Spirituality can often be an afterthought as we allow so many of the ‘important’ things to take up our time before tending to our spiritual needs.

I did this for a while. It’s like, I knew the technicalities of what I had to do in order for my life to be better, but I wasn’t always applying it. I would sometimes desperately take action to seek the results I desired, without actually taking the time to quiet my mind and listen to what my body was telling me. We have the answers. But out of fear and impatience, we can sometimes try to take action, without sitting back, listening and allowing. And trusting.

I have been consciously listening to my body for a while now but there is always, always room for improvement. Even something as simple as starting to carve out the first 15 minutes (at least) after I wake up to sit down and simply do nothing but breathe, before diving into my electronics, has a huge impact on how the rest of my day is shaped.

As I grow, I am learning more about myself as a spiritual being and a cyclical woman divinely connected to nature. And because this sense of knowing my power grows stronger and stronger in each moment, I’m learning to prioritise the health of my spiritual self more and more; becoming more grounded and allowing my connection to the universe to strengthen.

Put yourself and your spiritual needs – whatever that means to you – first, and the rest will surely fall into place.


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  1. MP
    May 25, 2017 / 5:54 pm

    Go fly my little butterfly unleash your power

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