Goddess Chronicles: Setting Goals & Intentions

We are half way through January already.

A few years ago I started this thing where at the end of each year I would write down my list of goals for the year and place them in a sealed envelope with instructions of not to open it until the 31st December the following year. I love this process and there was even one year that I accomplished everything on my list.

I like to call this setting intentions and letting go. By the end of the year I forget the specifics of what I have written on the list, so it’s a fascinating experience to finally open up the envelope and have a look at what I have achieved.

I didn’t do actually do one at the end of 2015 so had nothing to open last month, but I have written one for me to open on 31st December 2017. I am excited to see what’s in store for me on 31st December as I feel like this year is definitely going to be a good one.

I know many people set goals and intentions. And whether it’s at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, annually or weekly, I have a few tips that I try to follow which I think would be helpful to everyone setting goals.

Be as ambitious as you wish

When setting goals and intentions for the year, it can be easy to feel the need to be ‘realistic’ to avoid disappointment or to make your goals seem more achievable. If it’s something you dream about and truly want, don’t try to limit yourself. Sometimes we may not know the exact logistics of how a goal is going to be achieved and that’s okay. We can find that out along the way. However, while it truly is possible for us to achieve anything we wish, the important part is actually believing it.

Set them and let go

It’s important that once you have set and acknowledged what you would like to achieve, you let go. This doesn’t mean you no longer want to achieve what you set out to, or that you can’t plan for it. It means not having huge attachment to the outcome. If you’re so hung up on and worried about whether it’s actually going to come into fruition, you are sending a massive message of doubt into the universe. Great idea if you want to no longer want to achieve your goal. However , I’m sure this is not the case. If you get into the mindset that what you are after is on it’s way regardless, there are no doubtful thoughts hindering the process and you can go about your day to day life feeling confidently ready for what’s about to show up.

Be careful who you share them with

It’s natural to want to share our exciting plans with those around us. And while most of those closest to us have our best interests at heart, their ideas about what is achievable may be completely different to our own due to their own doubts and limiting beliefs about themselves. As mentioned in my previous post, people are only experiencing life from their own reality. Surround yourself with go-getters and people who are making things happen for themselves and try to avoid sharing your dreams with those who are likely to (probably unintentionally) put a downer on things.


Don’t shy away from those bigger, exciting goals you have. Have faith and make them happen.





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