Embracing Mental Changes

The mind is a powerful force.

But we, as beings, are more powerful.

It’s mind blowing when you naively tell yourself that something that already has so much unnecessary stigma attached to it, doesn’t apply to you, and then all of sudden you find yourself riddled with guilt and shame about the thoughts you’ve allowed to consume you.

As someone who preaches such positivity and empowerment, acknowledging a frightening dip in my mental state is a hard pill to swallow. How dare I feel this way when I know better? How dare I act as though I am a victim of my circumstances when this is the complete opposite of how I like to live my life and how I advise others? It’s important for me and others to realise that as humans, we can find ourselves in a battle with our minds. No matter how much we already know about ourselves, our spirituality, where to source our happiness etc., our human minds can ever-so-convincingly tell us otherwise, resulting in unexpected lows… and it’s okay. Let go of the limiting belief that mental health concerns are something to be ashamed of. They’re not. No matter who you are, how much you’ve grown, how positive you are or how much you’re able to advise people about their lives, going through mental trauma is not a step backwards. Changes in our mental state are part of the human experience. Surround yourself with those who help to cultivate an environment in which it is safe to open up about it, no stigma attached.

In order to submerge ourselves in our truth and live our most authentic lives, we must embrace everything that comes with the human experience, no guilt or shame attached. As hard as it may seem, speak up and seek help. We are designed to benefit from human interactions. Striving for complete and utter self sufficiency can be detrimental to our wellbeing.

Please also remember that no matter what it is you’re ever going through, I have no doubt in my bones that you absolutely have all of the tools to come out on the other side bigger and better than your perceived problems.


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