Embodying Compassion

Once we realise and understand that we are all one, we will then pay attention to not only how we speak of and treat ourselves, but also to how we speak of and treat others.

Compassion is a word that has come up a lot for me lately. As I continue striving to constantly and consistently raise my vibration, coming into contact with situations and people who are energetically quite far away from the person I’m trying to become can sometimes feel quite hard to tolerate. Sometimes I find my body repelling certain energies or presences, and while I know that these interactions have happened for a reason, it doesn’t prevent the physical and emotional discomfort that manifests as a result.

I’m learning more and more that practising compassion is essential to dealing with situations that might otherwise evoke anger or frustration within me. Everyone is on different paths and is experiencing their own reality, manifesting as a result of their own internal beliefs. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of complaining about someone or something they have done but this is only reflected back to us in the things we continue to experience in our own lives. I truly believe that in our purest state we are all absolute, pure love. This can become clouded by a myriad of limiting beliefs and conditioning that we experience throughout the course of our lives. Remembering this brings me so much peace and makes it feel easier to feel compassion towards others.

There is an incredible amount of power in what we focus on.

I continue to remind myself that anything done or said by someone that seems ‘unjust’ or ‘irrational’ is simply a reflection of what’s going on inside of that person. However, I’m aware that I’ve also encountered it because it has aligned with something I need to address within myself. Even with those I’m closest to, I know I must show compassion, love and patience, let go of any situations or actions that evoke negative feelings within me and focus on the high vibrational things they have to offer.

I’m choosing to embody compassion. It’s liberating. It’s empowering. And it brings me so much closer to the woman I’m striving to be.




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