Developing a Bigger and Badder Creative Engine

We, as humans, are creative by nature. We simply need to create. However we express our creativity will look very different for each and every one of us, but it is imperative for us to create in order for us to fulfil our need for growth and to fulfil our sense of purpose. Sometimes, we may feel stuck when it comes to our creativity, but this is quite often due to us not working with the rhythms of our bodies, not listening to our intuition, and striving for goals or dreams that do not necessarily belong to us. Really take a moment to ask yourself what exactly it is that you want for your life. Without considering fear or any perceived limitations, what does your absolute most authentic life look like? How can you take actual steps towards that?

I’ve recently felt like I’ve been in a bit of a rut myself. There have been moments when I’ve felt uninspired and like I’m falling behind in life. However, sometimes when we’re frantically looking for answers, we can miss out on the messages that are right in front of us, as acting out of fear or desperation creates a huge amount of resistance towards the things we desire. I’ve had to really sit back and be patient with myself when I’ve had the urge to just do instead of be and I’ve had to listen to and act on my intuition even when my mind was creating doubts. We can often create this illusion that we are running out of time and that there isn’t enough room for everyone to be great and this all comes from the energy and frequency of lack. We need to move in the energy of love.

This is where the magic happens.

I’ve transitioned into a place where I’m now feeling more aligned than ever with my most authentic self. I want to use this time to share a few tools I’ve recently aligned with that have helped me immensely on my journey to developing a bigger and badder creative engine.


The Miracle Morning

I recently finished listening to this audio book and it really showcases the effects and benefits of starting your day correctly. Creating a short (or long, or whatever time frame you want to give yourself) routine focused on your personal development in the morning, sets the tone for your day and ultimately ends up changing your complete life. This book is definitely a game-changer. Check it out here.

You are a Badass at Making Money

I read this book last year and it really created a shift in my mindset. However, I recently picked this back up again to reread and it has resonated with me so much more. It has also highlighted the importance of rereading books that have helped me in the past. It’s like studying. It’s not often that we read something once and think ‘that’s it, I’ve mastered it, on to the next subject!’.We reread, apply the lessons learned to different situations, go back over anything we don’t understand and practice until it’s truly embedded in us.

If you’re looking to remove any conscious or subconscious blocks you have around money, this book really helps to facilitate delving deep into the causes of your resistance against mastering the mindset of wealth. Find it here.


Yours Truly

Oh, how I love Yours Truly. Yours Truly is space for women to experience personal development, career elevation, empowerment and sisterhood and always seems to have the content I need at just the right time. From the podcasts, to the very necessary weekly doses of encouragement in the form of a beautiful newsletter, Yours Truly has definitely been a massive aid in keeping my mindset on track. Focused on assisting women in living their best lives, Yours Truly has a message for everyone. Sign up to the club here to get involved.


The Blogger Etiquette

Business-wise, this has been a massive help. As a woman who is evolving at what seems like the speed of light, I’ve slightly struggled to keep my content and platforms consistent with the messages I’m aiming to get across to the world. With my main platform being my blog, the tools, assistance and love that has gone into creating such amazing resources is evident in this wonderful digital platform for bloggers and content creators. If you’re a budding content creator, sign up here now. Seriously.


One last note from me.

Expand your mind when it comes to creativity. What words, thoughts and feelings come to mind when you hear the word creativity?

Creativity does not necessarily have to be artsy, or take up a chunk of your time. Some people feel intimidated by the idea of being creative, or are afraid to change how they’re perceived by those who have never seen their ‘creative side’.

Let that ish go.

For some, creativity may look like indulging in your hobby of making clothes for yourself in your spare time and for others, it may look like actually creating those glorious, over-the-top meals for your family once a week and documenting them to save for that cookbook you plan on making one day. Whatever it is that really lights up your soul, please make a point to make time for it. Your soul is calling you to do it for a reason. Just see what happens when you take that first step.



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