Clarity Out Loud

Recently, I’ve been feeling like I’m really getting closer to work life freedom I am striving for. I set my own agenda for the days that I have to myself and knowing that I’m working on things that matter to me and that I’m passionate about really uplifts and pushes me to work hard to make my goals happen. I can work with the people I want to work with, in the places I want to work and it feels amazing.

Simultaneously, however, I have been feeling more and more out of place in environments where I am not working for myself. I am becoming a lot more sensitive to environments and situations not currently in alignment with myself. I do however know that a shift is taking place as I continue to do what I’m doing, set my intentions and stay positive, so that I come into alignment with this area of my reality. In all honesty, there is some discomfort during this shift as how I feel when I am working for what I believe in is completely different from how I feel when I am working in an environment that doesn’t have the correct energy behind it. I’m listening intently for what my next move needs to be, and once I get that message I need to pursue it despite my fear, as my gut will never lead my astray.

Consistently and unapologetically going after what I want in life has and is still paying off. It’s important to remember though, that when elements of it get difficult, we need to look inwards for the things we need to address in order to level up to the next step.





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