Braving the Energy

Evolving, ascending, growing. It can be a painful process. Especially when there’s lots of limiting beliefs and baggage lurking in the corners and crevices of your being, that are being released, without any warning, due to constant self development taking place. The beauty of it is that once what needs to be released is released, the sense of contentment, that feeling of lightness, those light bulb moments and the realisations that happen, are absolutely unmatched.

As I develop, every inch of my being is being cleared of its baggage. And this often comes in the form of situations that occur, which trigger intense negative emotions within me. As I grow, I become more and more sensitive to negative energy which makes me feel everything just that much more intensely – and this always manifests as physical pain, too, which means it most definitely cannot be ignored.

The good thing is though, that I’m also becoming better and better at handling myself and my energy once these situations arise. I immediately retreat. For me, it’s important to be able to get into a ‘safe’ space; somewhere I can just be. Alone. Me and my emotions. In silence.

I’ve coached myself in such a way that it has become¬†second nature for me to always look within myself for the answer to the issue. I know that every negative (and positive) feeling conjured up within me, as a result of a situation or circumstance, is a reflection of something going on inside of me. Whether it’s anger, upset, sadness, humiliation. If I’m triggered in this way, I know there’s work to do. There’s things to be released. And for any other party involved, I know that any negative energy expelled is also a reflection of what’s going on inside of them. And it is in these really trying and testing situations, that I apply all that I know and strive to have the strength to simply feel compassion.

I no longer hide away from negative energy I’ve attracted directly and intensely into my reality. I face up to it, stare it right in the face and get ready for yet another shift towards my higher self.




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