Blocking Out The Noise

It’s time for us to tap into ourselves. In light of recent catastrophic events in London, many of us feel incredibly overwhelmed with grief, anger, sadness and with an unexplainable urge to help. This overwhelm can be debilitating. So debilitating that we retreat and do nothing, out of fear. The world is projecting such incredibly raw emotion. And we all so desperately want to do something. But we can get so caught up in the actions and words of others and so confused about what we think we should be doing instead of truly listening to ourselves.

The fact that these strong emotions have come upon us is something in itself. There is a change going on right now and we all have a such a unique part to play. It’s time to acknowledge our feelings and contribute to positive change in a way that feels completely true to us as individuals, as this is what is going to cause effective and authentic change. I truly believe that these emotions have been evoked in us to prompt complete and utter change.

A lot of us will be reflecting upon a lot of things right now. We have all been affected so deeply. It hurts. A lot. But it’s important not to be deterred by the scale of change that needs to happen. Change starts with us. Individually. A change in how we view ourselves. How we treat ourselves and those around us. And how that extends out into the outer community. To the world. It starts with recognising and remembering that we really and truly are all one, contrary to what we have been lead to believe. Emormous change is happening right now. Let’s face up to it.

Let’s block out the noise and go after this change with laser focus.




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