Baring It All: 5 Reasons I’m Leaving Employment For Good


I have only a few days left before diving head-first into the pursuit self-employment and, to say the least, I am thrilled.

Now, I don’t have a tonne of savings and I’m not currently living in the lap of luxury as a result of my ventures (YET). Nonetheless, I am going for it regardless, and I am SO keen to tell you why.

*Ultimate disclaimer* While my aim is not to coerce you into doing the same (this is a big step and everyone must do it for reasons dear to them), I would like to provide a different perspective to those who are thinking about taking some sort of leap, but have fear holding them back.

1. I’d like my eggs in a few different baskets. And my baskets.

I believe in having multiple income streams of income (whether through employment or not, to be honest). While employment can provide a steady paycheque, creating my own streams of income means I have more than one avenue to rely on and *will* end up making way more than I did whilst working a 9-5. My earning potential is not limited by a salary that may increase a little bit every year. I have the flexibility to work according to the rhythms of my body, network with amazing people, the possibilities are endless.

Once I rid myself of the belief that my skills, talents and my innate ability to succeed by being absolutely authentically me would not lead to success, the game absolutely changed.

2. I have a deep sense of knowing that this is what I need to do

I have the drive and belief in myself and I intuitively know that I now need to provide myself with complete flexibility. Once I get a clear message within me, directing me to a certain path, I absolutely have to act on it. I am no longer willing to tolerate the discomfort that comes with not following my intuition and this feeling completely overrides any fear that I may be feeling regarding the situation.

3. I am continuously shifting my mindset

This includes ridding myself of limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and travelling way past my comfort zone, which can get incredibly uncomfortable. The fact that I now constantly analyse my thoughts, words, behaviour and any negative thoughts I may be feeling means that I am having continuous shifts in my mindset. I am constantly replacing beliefs that do not serve me with ones that empower me and allow me to think beyond what I previously thought was possible.

4. Forcing myself into action provides a sense of urgency

Putting myself into a situation where I have no choice but to make things work, means I cannot get comfortable or complacent. I can now act with a sense of urgency and do whatever it takes for me to get to where I want to be. The most important thing for me here, is to trust myself and ensure that I’m acting from a sense of empowerment and inspiration, rather that desperation (this will provide the complete opposite of what I’m trying to achieve).

5. I see fear as a driving force

Fear is trying to protect us (cute). But if we succumb to it, we will continue to stay stuck in the town of mediocre, wondering ‘what if?’. We are made to have fulfilling lives; lives with no limits and lives in which we can truly say we are living comfortably and doing the things that sing to our heart without compromising our mental, physical and spiritual health and our downright sanity. Many of us have been conditioned to live and operate at a level that is way below our potential. We have adopted, developed and embedded limiting beliefs into our subconscious and once we take steps to combat these, fear can sometimes creep in, in an attempt to bring us to a grinding halt. I often say that the presence of fear means that I should probably be doing that very thing. I do not try to alleviate fear, but rather act in spite of fear. The fact that I push my own boundaries thrills me and provides such a sense of accomplishment once I’ve done what I know I need to do.


Now, you may be wondering what on earth it is that I’m doing that has warranted such a big step… or you may not be. But I’ve figured it’s probably a good idea for me to tell you anyway. As I’m now practising shamelessly ‘putting myself out there’ (one of the huge leaps I’m taking in the opposite direction of my comfort zone), I think this is a great moment to share the things I currently have up and running with you (there are things in the works which I won’t be revealing as of yet, but once these are good to go, I’m sure you’ll know about it).

This is probably the most obvious one, but I’m about to put a whole different kind of life and soul into this. I have worked on developing myself so much – spiritually, mentally and physically – and now really want to harness the power of my talents to help and inspire those who want more out of life, on a completely different level. While I am fully aware that I am still learning and do not know all there is to know, I know that one of the reasons I am on this earth is to help people evolve and to be the best versions of themselves. This site will feature a larger amount posts with actionable advice (I will still ramble on about my personal sacred thoughts  and adventures here and there) and will be home to courses and workshops that are currently in the works.


Arbonne Independent Consultant

This is a very new and exciting venture for me. I recently attended a presentation for a network marketing company called Arbonne. Arbonne specialise in vegan, pure and nontoxic skincare, cosmetic and nutritional products. As a network marketing company, they rely on independent consultants for their sales. After hearing the opportunity, it was clear that it not only aligned with my views on physical well-being, but promoted such an inclusive community and a huge amount of personal development opportunities. The fact that this is something that could be worked on around my other ventures and with as little or as much effort as I wanted, was also a massive plus. I have now partnered with Arbonne as an Independent Consultant and I am working diligently to get this business off the ground.


To sum this all up, I’ve declared that I’m going to live my best and most authentic life possible. Getting there will be a journey full of breaking barriers and walking hand-in-hand with fear and I’m prepared to take on all of it.

If you have any sort of feeling in your gut that there’s more to life than what you’re currently making of it, it’s true. All it takes is for you to decide that you’re going to fully go for whatever your heart’s calling you to. Once you say yes, you’ll be surprised at how the universe shifts to accommodate your new found intentions. It’s about listening out for direction from your inner guide and letting fear be your driving force as opposed to a hinderance.

I always love to hear about how people are reclaiming control of their lives and find ways in which I can be of encouragement and assistance. If you so wish to, let’s connect. I’m incredibly excited for what’s to come.


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