I’m Olivia.

I create meaningful and impactful written content for brands and individuals who want to make a positive difference in the world.

I’m a writer, creative and entrepreneur who repeatedly plunges herself into risky situations in pursuit of an extraordinary life.     

Here’s a bit of a backstory about how I got here.

I’ve always been ‘creative’. However, I haven’t always known what I’ve wanted to do.

As humans we tend to get boxed in… or box ourselves in… and create all these rules and regulations around what we ‘should’ be doing instead of using the very talents that we have (and come easy to us) to make a living.

Somewhere along the line we got it into our heads that life is meant to be difficult. Because…if it’s easy it’s too good to be true, right? No.

Writing comes easily to me.

It’s what I love and is how I believe I express myself the best (get on the wrong side of me and prepare to receive a lengthy essay detailing my thoughts feelings on the matter).

This is not to diminish the necessity of hard work; focus, determination, mastering your craft and moving through fears, doubts and other obstacles takes work – but quite often, the skills themselves are already within us. We’re just ignoring them, looking for something else – just anything – out there that’s going to make our lives even harder than we already think they are… *crickets*

Anyway, my writing skills have lead me to writing for brands and individuals who need content written by someone who simply has a way with words.

And I LOVE what I do.

So have a wander around my site – head over to my blog where you can really see my words in action and if you happen to need a hand with some content, head on over here to see how we can work together.