A is for Authentic

I decided to take some time out from posting on here, as I really wanted to reflect on what I was actually putting out into the world. My focus had been on getting a post out every week to ensure I was adhering to my ‘schedule’ however, as I struggled for time to even think, let alone write something I was really proud of due to my other work commitments, I began to realise that the quality of my posts would begin to suffer. And this blog is much more than that. I have reminded myself that the aim for OliviaAlexis.com is to authentically share my journey to bettering myself, loving myself, to liberation and elevation. I believe that self love and self realisation are such powerful things, and I write in the hopes that my words will help someone out there who needs it.

My aim for OliviaAlexis.com is to be consistent – consistently authentic. And I am grateful to say that I now have a working pattern which allows me to think more clearly and allows time for me to be inspired and produce consistent content. The universe really does respond to what you put out there. I am grateful to be back on here, typing again and documenting my raw feelings and journey on this platform.

A reminder; If your intentions are pure, and you are following the message you are receiving from deep inside, only good can come from it. Remain in a state of gratitude and positivity and watch how life unexpectedly unfolds.




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  1. Mecheal
    March 16, 2017 / 10:11 pm

    Hey nice to see you back.

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