4 Incredibly Useful Realisations

Grateful. Open. Free.

These three words embody how I currently feel at this point in my life.

Many exciting, scary and powerful changes have taken place in my life over the past few weeks and it has been crucial for me to really monitor what I am feeding my mind, body and spirit in order to keep me sane, grounded and in the state of allowing.

Below, I share a few really useful realisations I’ve come to, that I continuously remind myself of on my journey to living a completely authentic life.


1. All of our answers are found in the present moment

All of my ‘aha!’ moments arrive when I am not worrying or fearing. They come when I am simply being; when I am focusing on the now, and when I have truly let go. I sometimes find it difficult to truly let go, but I consistently remind myself of the fact that that I create my reality with my state of mind whether it’s intentional or not.

We can choose to either worry or have complete and utter trust. Either way, something will manifest as a result of whichever we choose.


2. Aligning our work and activities with the natural cycles of my body brings about the best results

It can sometimes feel as though we need to be on the go 24/7 in order to get the results we desire. Sometimes it seems like everyone is creating, socialising, working on or doing something all of the time and there have been times when I have sometimes felt guilty for not being as energetic and on-the-ball as I believe I should be. For me, it’s important that I listen to and honour my body. But whilst I’ve already well and truly acknowledged and accepted that I create and post content only when I feel inspired to, there are times when I just feel like I could be doing something when my brain and body simply won’t cooperate.

However, I seem to be being made more and more aware of the fact that as beings, we operate in different energetic cycles. For me, being female, it’s a completely different – also amazing and wonderful -story (more on this in a later post). Once we acknowledge this and learn to work with our bodies instead of against them, things fall into place and we can begin to create from a much more natural place.


3. Having strong reason behind our decisions is the key to making and sticking to changes

This has very recently been a big one for me. As an individual who constantly aims to improve my life in one way or another, I have always looked into ways I could improve my health and my diet. I sometimes research and hear information here and there and come to my own conclusions about what I should add to/remove from my diet to ensure I am treating my body well. This lead me to removing red meat from my diet about a year ago, followed by poultry a few months ago. However, whilst I knew dairy did not 100% agree with my body and that consuming less animal products would probably be beneficial to my wellbeing, there was something about these items that I just couldn’t pull myself away from (especially that cheese and seafood!). I said to myself I’d ‘eventually’ give it all up, but in my world, ‘eventually’ tends to have a bad rep…

Anyway, I recently came upon a wealth of information (in the form of a documentary called ‘What the Health’) which completely changed everything for me. My eyes were opened in a way that they hadn’t been before and I was immediately drawn to a plant based diet; I made the decision to adopt a vegan diet within 24 hours of watching the documentary. And I have not looked back. This is simply because I now have such strong reasoning behind my decision. It’s like once I was lead to gaining this information, my whole being jumped on board and all resistance I previously felt diminished.

Having reason changes the game. It could simply be because we have that strong sense of knowing in our gut, or any other reason personal to our beliefs, morals or values. Whatever it is, it has a way of keeping us grounded in our decisions.


4. Everything starts to come into alignment when we wholeheartedly say yes to what our souls are calling us to do

Another big one. Recent bouts of gut-felt inspiration have seen me jumping right into the deep end, riding on nothing but the waves of faith. And as always, opportunities, assistance and ideas have begun to flow ever since. Now, I must mention that fear has definitely reared its head a few times (and still rears its head periodically) but it’s my decision to continue to move through it and not let it consume my mind that has allowed me to keep on going. Our own self talk is so important. I am constantly reminding myself of my power, bringing myself back into the present moment, and as I mentioned above, reminding myself that I create my reality regardless of whether it is intentional or not. This, and also reminding myself even more consistently that I am a spiritual being with a direct connection to the energy of the universe, provides such a sense of peace and helps me to remain in a state of gratitude and allowing.

Any ‘risk’ we take can often lead to us scrambling to keep ourselves afloat out of fear – fear that we are not in control or that everything is going to collapse around us as a result of our intuitive decision. This only prevents us from gaining the clarity we need to take the actions that are required of us.

It’s important that we remember why we took the leap that we did, and trust that we are fully supported in our mission to live a life that is true to ourselves and what our souls are calling us to do.




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  1. Ayana
    August 3, 2017 / 3:11 pm

    Thank you for this article.

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